MPS Password Policy Manager

Welcome to the MPS Password Policy Manager. The password policy manager is designed to give end users the ability to self maintain their password.


In order to verify the identity of a user, users must Enroll in the MPS Password Policy Manager first. When enrolling, you will be asked for your current password and asked to enter answers to a series of challenge questions. For example a question might be "What was your mother's maiden name?" Once enrolled, users will be able to reset their password using the Password Reset Service.

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Change Password

The Change Password service is available to those who want to change their password ahead of the 90 day password reset window. Users must know their current password in order to use this service.

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Forgot Password

Users who have lost or forgotten their password and have completed the Enroll process can use the Reset Password service. Users can use this service to reset their password by correctly answering the challenge questions that were created during the Enroll process.

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